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Found 3rd Feb
I have just picked up a second-hand computer and I need to have Microsoft Office installed (need Microsoft's version as some work that I get sent to do will only open with Word and Excel). Where is the best place to get a copy and which one - a bit confused about Microsoft Office Home & Student, Microsoft Office 365, etc? I've seen on eBay that some sellers are selling different types, and some are selling the product keys. The other week there was a link about purchasing a download from eBay, but I can't find that now. Is the product key only part of it - ie, you would need the Office software/hardware as well? Need to pick this programme up as cheaply as possible as have paid out enough already for a replacement PC. Any ideas most welcome. Thank you.
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Just buy one of the keys and download Microsoft office
"...Need to pick this programme up as cheaply as possible as have paid out enough already for a replacement PC..."

Regardless of your initial outlay, do you mean that your software ("running costs", if you like) do not need to be purchased legally?
Coastal software. Google it
What about your current copy? Why can't you install that on your new PC?

365 is the subscription version and runs to about £50-60 a year. 365 Home is for 5 devices, 365 personal is for just 1. Both get all the Office applications.

The ones with the year numbers like 2016 are the permanent copies that get 5 years support & 10 years security patches from their release date (10/2015). Home and Student has Word, Excel, OneNote and Powerpoint, while Home and Business adds Outlook. Office Professional adds Publisher and Access.

From reputable shops Home & Student runs to £110, Home and Business £190 and Professional £340.

Ebay listings, being the haven for dodgy sellers that it is, will often have multiple editions the title so you'd have to read the description to find out what it actually is.
Swap to open office or Libra office. Microsoft are actively killing off older versions so it's better to just run previous versions in an Windows XP virtual machine.
Have you tried google drive. Most of it’s free
Does your workplace offer the home use program - that would get you a very cheap copy
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