Need to BUY Tiles for Reasonable price...HELP

Found 7th Jul 2008
Could someone please tell me where can I buy good quality tiles for the best possible price either on the internet or by visiting at some local store provided they are reasonable price or cheap.

I am getting a new bathroom done so the quicker the better for me.....I appreciate teh help in advance...

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What area do you live in?
Always get mine from B&Q, always the cheapest for Tiles, Grout and all the extra's you need.
Where u based? B&Q always cheap for me. Junction 2 interiors nr Oldbury, Birmingham, are good but a bit more pricey
Got ours from CTD for the kitchen. Alternatives were all from independants as these were around 40% cehaper than Topps tiles or some of the big diy stores like B&Q etc.

Go to Yell & type in Tile suppliers & your area, you'll get the choice in your area. Shop around you'll find better choice & BIG savings with the independents!

thanks to everyone who has replied...

I live near heathrow (hounslow) area but pls keep posting the ideas and links.

] sent me this voucher code a while ago. Not sure if it will still work.

You get £25 off a £250 order xgh25on250
thanks hippy1 and choc1969
ToPpS tIlEs
topps tiles is very expensive...that's why I'm here

topps tiles is very expensive...that's why I'm here

i got my bathroom tiles from topps, after going to the cheapo tile place up the road and then got topps to price match it
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