Need to change my broadband provider ASAP

    Am on BT paying 28/month right now which is way too much these days. Have heard good things about virgin.

    Need :-

    high limit
    news group access if possible
    no email needed, or storage space
    up to 8mb or faster

    I do not have cable in my area !



    I use BE which is up to 24mb, ok i dont get it that fast but im getting it faster than BT gave me, and it is only £18pm.


    Well first thing to do is call them and ask them for your MAC code, this usually causes them to offer you a much better deal. Even if you arn`t offered the deal then you at least have the MAC code which is good for about a month and you need that to give to your new ISP

    I was with BT and moved to Virgin Medias non cable service. It's only £10 per rmonth for upto 8mb with unlimited usage. The only thing is you have to have your calls through Virgin. You get free evening and weekend calls and my bill compared with BT is cheaper.

    Here is a link, they are even doing free wireless kit until the end of April.…ch/

    Hi Cyrus, can you get "Be" where you are I've heard people on Virgin have a nightmare with traffic shaping for people who leech a bit and use newsgroups, i moved to "Be" and have to say they have been great sure customer service is abroad but they always seem to know there stuff and never let me down and £14 a month for unlimited downloads means i can afford to pay for Giganews, and in march used 427GB and in April used 480GB (no other figures as had to format and lost DU Meter readings) and never have i had a warning from the first rate IMO


    I'm with "BE" never had a problem can download whatever/however much you want I'm on 24mbs but receive about 13meg due to exchange distance but for £18 a month it's great value (inc wireless ADSL2 router)

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    thanks guys
    BE seems to be (no pun intended ;)) the sensible option.
    I will give them a call today for my MAC though .. let's see what they can offer me !

    Thanks again

    02 is a good one too they also bought BE in June 2006:thumbsup: We have just left orange and going onto 02 next week:-D

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    whats the deal like with o2, how easy is it to change to them and do I need an o2 mobile phone before I can sign up ?


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    o2 prices are great and i have o2 so can get the discounted rate. However, I am worried about the "fair usage policy" in their small print. Anyone have problems with this ?

    Also, do they have a newsgroup address ?

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    just asked for my mac address by BT. They offered to reduce it to 19.99 a month for same package but when I told them I was going for o2 broadband @ 7.50 a month, they put their hands up and said they cannot compete. So he gave me the mac code straight away

    time to get o2 broadband via quidco now (£25 cashback !)


    never had a problem, EXCELLENT customer service from a UK call centre with English first language speakers who actually know what they are doing which is a refreshing change from the farce that is BT. Slightly cheaper than BT as well.

    Voted best customer sevice 2007.

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    ive signed up to o2 after doing some research. No one can beat their prices @ 7.50 per month giving asdl2+

    thanks so much. saved me a bomb.

    Information about ISP's hidden limits ]here. The good news is that O2 don't seem to have any traffic shaping or caps. The only small downside is that the O2/Be network is connected via LLU so you may be slightly restricted as to who'll take you when you want to switch away from O2.

    We have just got 02 yesterday and it is really fast and good:thumbsup:
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