Need to compare duty free shopping...

    I am trying to find any websites that may compare duty free prices around the world. I need to buy some Belvedere vodka and I'm travelling through Heathrow, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Delhi...any ideas?



    dont know of a duty free compare site and its hard to get hold of actual prices in different duty frees dont supposed youve googled each airport for duty free shops.

    At a guess it would be Delhi but perhaps somebody has been to any of the above and got some

    I used to do this when I just started working a "century" ago, saving £3 here or there at Duty Free. But is this worth it nowadays, lugging a bottle or two, using up your valuable hand, and you have to walk miles from the terminal to the airport car park which is a good 30 mins walk mininum at Heathrow. On top of that you have to shop.

    I assume you will be coming back... if you are traveling the same route... look at the prices on the way out... buy on the way back!:)

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    Thanks for the comments...
    Janz70; you might be right...
    Splender; I think you're right...I'll just buy in Delhi...
    GIJimmy; It's for the friends & family in India...
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