Found 28th Mar 2009
nothing is going right for me today and im in one of those awful down moods that i just cant pull myself out of. to top it off i cant go out or a drink or anything tonight cos i have 3 12hour shifts at work starting tomorrow AAARRGGGHHHHHHHHH. someone sort me out quick! i swear im even getting on my own nerves


Hey it's just a bad day, tomorrow will be better, think positive :thumbsup:

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it wont be better! its the first of 3 12hour shifts =(

Ask yourself the following...
What would make me happy today...

What would make me even happier...

What would make me happier still...

Imagine how it would feel...

Tell me when you've done that

Try not to think about it, keep your mind off things.

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The day after?

another 12 hour shift


Once you've imagined how happy that feeling will be...

ask yourself how do I feel now?

feel happy that despite a recession you still have a job and a pay day to look forward to, I was made redundant last August and still can't find a job, just to have a job with a payday would make me sooooo happy, but you don't realise this when you have it, so remember things aren't that bad.


Watch this: … Watch this: certainly made me smile!


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Watch this: … Watch this: certainly made me smile!

wont work for me, tried twice but no luck
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