Need to find a nice Restaurant in Oxford town centre or near.

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Found 19th Nov 2008
I'm not sure if im posting this in the right bit but i need some help in finding a nice restaurant for 8 people,

I'm not from around there but it has to be in the town centre

Can anyone recommend any good ones?

I will be very grateful


Hi there

What sort of food do you want and what sort of prices?

You can look here:

I'm from Oxford so happy to help more if you give more details . . .

Depends what you're after, but this place was great, really good food and great atmosphere:


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TBH with 8 of us going im not sure really a mix of food would be great if not just normal british stuff really and it needs to be in the town centre due to people staying in hotels. Not really bothered about price as long as its not over the top lol.

I really am lost as to where to pick ..... btw do you know of any nice hotels to?

Thanks for your help

This is nice hotel just a 10 walk from the city centre or a 2 minute bus ride.

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I like the sound of jamie olivers and the hotel you chose.... hmmm might just have to book them lol.

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But do you know a hotel that is a bit cheaper..... like £60 a night or something as thats a little expensive.

The Jamie Oliver restaurant is ok but you cannot book unless it is a large table (not sure what the limit is) and the queue gets massive at peak times (it's still quite new).

For Indian would recommend Spice Valley in Gloucester Green (near the bus station so very central).

For Thai either Bangkok House (pretty tables etc) or Chiang Mai (very authentic) - both details available on previous url

For posh and a bit more upmarket we quite like Brasserie Blanc which is French style cuisine. This is a bit further out of the town centre itself (about 10 mins) near the Pierre Victoire restaurant mentioned earlier

You will find most of the big chains around (Ask, Pizza Express, Loch Fyne, etc).

Oxford Castle is a new leisure complex for the city based at the site of the old castle and prison. It has several restaurants there and is really buzzing at night - a good touristy spot. Restaurants include The Living Room (thelivingroom.co.uk/) which has nice food and a trendy vibe so might be a good one for you all? Would recommend booking.

As for hotels, the Malmaison at the Castle is meant to be lovely (obviously haven't stayed there myself with my own bed being nearby!!). The Four Pillars mentioned earlier by someone is also good.

Let me know if you want anything else :-)

MMM... you might be able to find a b&b along the Abingdon road or Banbury road for that price but I doubt you'd find a decent hotel near the city centre for less than a £100 even the preimer inn by the Mini factory which is about 3 miles from the city centre is about £70 a night.

Also [url]www.oldbank-hotel.co.uk[/url] is a nice hotel and has a lovely restaurant (open to non-guests). Might be a bit pricy to stay though.

This one has a good location very near the train station but can't personally vouch for the rooms - my Mum's work used it before so must be fairly ok.

My work always book people into the Four Pillars

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With the Jamie Olivers one i can reserve a table if its for 8 to 10 people which im in luck as its for 8 people

Ive been talking it over with my OH and we are going to try and book a room at the Four Spires and book a table at Jamies place.

Thankyou everyone for your help and if i need any more help ill get in touch

Rep given to everyone that has helped.
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