need to find a phone number ?

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Found 1st Oct 2010
hi, if i phone 118118 do they give out personal house phone numbers , if not who would i phone ?


Checked online directory first? or are they ex directory.

if they are the latter try 118 but otherwise not sure

go to, bottom of the page theres a directory, search the name and area, if they arnt ex directory the number will be there. ringing 118118 is super expensive, especially as the info is online!

edit: try here:
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yea 118118 is too expensive. my sister in law phoned them for quite a bit and it charged her £43

iv used them a couple of times. they got me what i needed.
hope it helps


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thanks, but i cant find it, what it is , i have sold somthing on ebay and the phone number on there is not right , [well thats what the women is saying] thought i could find it under the address and name, is there anywhere i can find the address out to see if it is right ,if i have the phone number and name ?

There wont be anywhere you can find out someones address by the phone number im afraid.

well not legally anyways


118 707 is good, give that a go.
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