Need to find Okami for Wii - New !!!

    I am trying buy a copy of Okami on the Wii. It's a gift, so need to get hold of a new copy.

    Does anybody know of a shop that has it in stock? Only managed to find it at silly prices from Ebay rip-off merchants so far... any help would be greatly appreciated...


    Hi, I've found it here for £22.97 not sure what the delivery charges are. Haven't used the site either, but here's a link for you.…ee7

    Looking at the site, postage is £1.99. Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the reply Savvygirl.

    More than I was hoping to pay, as many places hat it for 5-10 quid a year back.

    But if I can't find it any where else I might have to settle for this... thanks again!

    Damn this game has shot up, I got mine over a year ago for £5 in a Head Store (ex Virgin, whatever they are now).
    It's in stock ad advises new for £14.98 here but I have zero idea about the site or p&p…=33

    I think if you're looking to get it cheap may have to go with a lesser known store at the minute or try and find one sealed on ebay?

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    Cheers for the help Monsta.

    Will can keep eye out on ebay I guess. The one at Swapgame is not 'brandnew' I don't think.
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