Found 29th May 2008
got paid this week but i cant find the post for the dell computer

someone help ive been searching forums for ages!

p.s would u guys go for this deal? i have no idea if its a great deal or not cos dad the teky is in serbia


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still searching has it expired or somthing'?

when did you see this dell deal? Have you tried to look in your history? Press CTRL + H on Internet Explorer

It may help if you told us what "Dell" deal it was.

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it was with 3gb of ram intergrated graphics and 1tb hard drive?

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similar numpty but there was pages of comments on it


similar numpty but there was pages of comments on it

ok, soz cant help

sure it was dell? or are you thinking of that HP one??

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nop not it.

i think it might of been posted by Emasu? im gutted i think its gone. ive searched thru emasus p[posts and cant find it either

its definatly dell.

Original Poster…=23

found it but appears to have expired.
thanks for help guys will leave rep…b-/

Set yourself a custom search for 'Dell' 'Dell Outlet' and 'Dell Merchant' using the customize button on the top right.

Mclovin;2200298 it but appears to have expired.guttedthanks for help guys will leave rep

that was the one i linked
all i searched was dell 1tb and that came up second search on the first page
cant see why yuo were having trouble with it
the search on the site is a bit weird sometimes!

Edit: yes it was the one i found lol
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