Need to get a card to france for saturday.. any sites like moonpig over their?

Found 17th May 2012
As above, my fiance has forgot to get a card for a relative in france and is in a panic.. any suggestions of a company over there that could send a card out first class tomorrow?

Failing that are there any clothes shops that will do that so she could at least have a present?




try this?

they are based in france.

Get a voucher and a diary so you don't forget next year!

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try this? are based in france.

Cheers for that, i think they send them blank though..

ask a local florist in france to send flowers and maybe get them to sort out a card too?


Interflora is your best bet. I think they do cards. If not just send flowers through the english site. I used them for my then ex gf now wife

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Its for a 6 year old so probably not flowers.. cheers for the ideas though!


oh dear absent dad forgotten their child's birthday? Having been a child of an absent dad I suggest you do get her flowers.…=73

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No its an absent sister who has only met her half sister twice..

Im not at the Kids stage yet thankfully In a couple of years maybe but not now!

Send an e-card?
I use Jacquie Lawson - cheap to join for a year.

I agree with the flowers suggestion.
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