Need to get a contract phone...

    Hi all, i have been on PAYG for about 8 years now and as much as its done me proud im now in a situation where i need to get a contract phone as i am spending far too much money on my phone a month...

    I've seen a few deals about for the samsung m8800 and the LG KP500 Cookie with a free wii on an 18mnth contract for 35 quid a month which sounds tidy enough..

    So heres what i'm hoping you guys can help me with...

    I want a tidyish phone.. contract to have at least a 1000 txts and 600 minutes around the 30-40 quid mark max..if it has something free like a wii even better...must be on o2 as its the only network that gets a signal on base btw

    help me out guys



    Not a deal.


    wrong place

    try [url][/url] loads of deals on there. renoir free wii unlimited texts etc

    I really don't think you are in the right forum - this should be a deal request at a guess.

    There are heaven knows how many online retailers out there, so you should have a look at them and check their feedback on places like here and the moneysaving expert forums. (My personal preference these days is for phones4u and affiliates e.g. mobiles2yourdoor.) Also remember contracts will attract a significant amount of quidco money so when you've found the right phone and contract and 'gift' go via them.

    Good luck


    Original Poster

    sorry where should i have put this..l dont use the site very often see..



    sorry where should i have put this..l dont use the site very often see..

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