Need to get to France, NOW (Well Friday)


    I have a little mission for you guys if you'd be willing to help me?

    I need to get to France, preferably Friday afternoon (late after work) or Saturday morning as early as possible, and then to return some time in the day Monday. That's the 13th to 16th.

    Any means of travel as long as it's cheap. I'm in London, but will bus from London to any other airport (within reason) for cheap on say...megabus.

    Not really bothered about where in France I end up so long as I can get a connecting train to Montpellier.

    I have £100 for two people, which I know sounds so grossly ambitious it sounds like it probably won't happen but I NEED to get there and don't really have much money...I can stretch a little more, but things are really tight.

    If anyone could throw in some cheap deals to anywhere in France from anywhere preferably from the south of England, I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks


    where you based at the moment?

    Original Poster


    just checked the flights, and direct flights are about £60 one way...

    hhhhmm.. hovercraft?... then a train??...

    Dover to Calais = about £50 return...

    but if you take the eurostar,,, its £120 for a car RETURN.. (guessing that includes you and your mate),.... then just drive to montpellier or wherever....??

    scrap driving, takes 9hrs!!! YIKES!

    you just need to get from calais to montpellier.. hhhmmm.... need local or french knowledge... bus?... train?...

    trains £200 for 2 people... expensive...

    Blimey, that's a challenge! You picking up a drug shipment?

    Think you're a million to 1 to get two people there for £100, unless you're prepared to hitch.

    Looks like you may be able to get a return flight from Gatwick to Grenoble Saturday to Monday for about £84. There is a post on here about going from Victoria to Gatwick for £1.80.…asp

    Good luck.

    I am sorry I cant offer much hope.

    your problem is that you are too close to the date if you want to fly. all flights are going to be out of your price range, even the low cost ones. if it was 3 weeks in the future I am sure you could find a way.

    French trains, given the strength of the Euro are not going to help you much with your budget.

    your only hope is eurolines who do rtn coach fares from london to paris at about £30+


    you may find their cheapest fares are also unavailable due to the travelling too soon but they will at least get you to france in your budget.

    good luck

    Original Poster


    ] sorry £18 each to paris

    I can't seem to find this price, what did you type in the search?
    Thanks so much everyone for the prices so far, you've explored farther than I could of done as I don't normally travel last minute!
    Any more ideas are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again xxxx

    look at the third one down it is £36 that is two returns.....I went on eurolines via national espress website and put in london to paris for 2 people for 14.3.09 return 16.3.09(nothing for 13.3.09)
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