Need to give notice to get out of mobile contract?

    Hi my 18th month mobile contract with 3 network comes to a end this june and i dont want to continue it,do i have to write to 3 and give them a months notice?thanks


    Phone them 30 days before the end of your contract to give them notice. You could also ask for your PAC code then but it only lasts for 30 days so best to wait til closer to the end of your contract.

    A simple phonecall did it for me. Phone up, ask for your PAC code (the little code number thing that lets you transfer your phone number to another network), and you're sorted. I think it's meant to take 30 days or something like that, although my memories are garbled by copious amounts of drugs.

    There will be huge amount of pressure off them to get you to stay, be prepared for a long call.

    seems to me networks are desperate to keep customers at the moment, so haggle hard if you're looking for a deal

    If you get you're pac code, use it even if it's only to a payg acc. Until you use the code your acc with 3 will still be running.
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