Need to install my sound on pc...but no drivers!!

    Yes, I have yet another pc problem!

    I have run a driverscanner and it says the following are missing, how do i know what to download. Do these softwares which scan and fix all yor drivers in one go really work, or are they a con??
    Can you help me please find the following as i have no clue where they are:

    Plug and play monitor

    Printer port logical interface

    standard 101/102 key or microsoft natural ps/2 keyboard

    Universal serial bus (USB) controller

    other devices

    multimedia audio controller

    nvidia nforce networking controller (network adapters)

    Anyone know where i can download them, ive looked but no success!


    try and download everest free it will tell model of pc and what drivers you need,if your pc is dell or whatever go to there home site select your pc model and get the driver driect from them

    You need to take a look at your motherboard and see what model it is then go the manufactureres website and download the driver

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    this is whats missing, where do i go????


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    also nvidia nforce pci system management driver is gone!



    this is whats missing, where do i go????

    see tonys answer & google

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    but the motherboard is unknown!!
    this is what everest says about my motherboard

    CPU Type AMD Athlon 64, 2400 MHz (12 x 200) 3400+
    Motherboard Name Unknown
    Motherboard Chipset Unknown
    System Memory 1984 MB
    BIOS Type AMI (11/03/05)
    Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
    Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)



    You need to take a look at your motherboard and see what model it is then … You need to take a look at your motherboard and see what model it is then go the manufactureres website and download the driver

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    i tried windows update last night but didnt do anything

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    djnaff this … this its the nforce driver for that board〈=uk&type=GeForce For the gfxthat should fix most them problems

    thanks, ill try them now, but how do i get my USBs to work, and the audio controller

    Take the side off your pc and see what model the motherboard is

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    apparently its an epox 8kha, i went to their site and downloaded the drivers., rebooted and still says

    multimedia audio controller, universal serial bus controller are still missing in device manager
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    ok got the sound back just installed some AC'97 Audio Codec thing, so all thats left is how to get the USB controllers working!!!!
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    you either have to go and locate the drivers from the manufactures website for the computer system or if a custom build you will have to locate individual drivers for seperate hardware components from individual hardware vendors websites.

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    i need this but keeps leading me to dead links…tml

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    how do i get these, this is so difficult!!


    xp sp2 or sp3 has usb2 (so no driver needed) (do not use SP1)

    you need via chipset drivers anyway…zip this is the newest .. I would probably try the older one below…zip versionh 453

    version 455…zip

    if your board is really an epox 8kha which is kt266a edit which having read all the nonsense again an athlon 64 on kt266 not . ...Do yourself a favour and take it to a pc shop

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    your pc should automatictly update when u use the programme u have got, it says fix for a reason, simple really and im a women, lol
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