Need to know a rough time to book a table at planet hollywood london. More details in post

Posted 21st Jan
As title says I'm looking for advice regarding a rough time to book a table at planet hollywood london. It will be on Thursday the 6th February. We have tickets at London apollo Victoria Theatre which starts at 7.30pm.
There will be one adult one child so not a huge party. Probably have a main and dessert. Not sure if we will be getting an uber or public transport to theatre as yet. It depends how rushed we are, or not rushed I guess.
I've never been to planet hollywood so I can't judge how long roughly to allow. Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks
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Lol, depends how busy they are, how fast you eat, how long it will take you to get to theatre. Nothing anyone can answer but you.. if in doubt book for 5pm you have plenty of time, if you can polish off food book at 6.30 and have a Uber booked for 7.15.... it’s all down to you.
3pm. It gives you time to not have to rush and be able to chew your food properly.
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3.56 on a Tuesday great time
Between 2-4am is always a rough time for me personally.
Its only a short walk to Green Park station from Planet Hollywood, then get the Victoria line, the journey to the theatre should take around 15 minutes, but you will be travelling at rush hour…pLA
Uber will probably take longer due to traffic.
So latest you could leave the meal would be 6:30, but I think you should leave about 6.
So probably book a table for 4:30 to give an hour and a half to eat. But you could book for 5pm as you should be able to have two courses in an hour.
If you don’t want to brave the tube at rush hour then hail a black cab. It’s only 2 miles. Will be more reliable than Uber who won’t be able to find you.

Service was good when I went to PH.
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I would book for 4pm and then grab a cab
Appreciate the sensible answers that addressed traffic etc. Thanks.
Chuckled at the others 😝
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