Need to order a new desktop, ASAP. (HD video playback processor needed!)

    My current desktop is a 7-8-year-old, Time desktop. It's served me well but, over the past month or two, it's started to go senile, also giving me an error I need to F1 past when I turn it on. I was fine with that, and I think it might even be easily fixable if I can replace a battery, or something. However, things took a turn for the worse yesterday when I couldn't get any picture outside of a 'signal disconnect' message. I changed cables, monitors, tried the onboard--everything I could think of. It seemed like, though my PC was powering up, nothing was loading. At the moment, I can only get my PC to work at random, seemingly--only after turning it off and on numerous times. I don't even know if I'll be able to get it to work again if I turn it off.

    Before it stops working entirely, I'd like to place an order for a new, replacement unit so I'm not left without a working computer at home; forced to enter my details in a far less safe manner. All I really require is a desktop that can handle 720P video file playback; maybe also 1080P. I'm not a gamer and, really, only use my PC to browse, buy and watch stuff I download. As long as the processor can handle HD files and an OS is sold with it (XP, if at all possible, simply because I'm so used to it), it'd do me.

    Since I'm not a gamer, I don't want to throw down too much in order to get a new desktop. I was thinking in the £200-300 range. I was tempted by the nettop deal that was recently posted, however I seriously doubt the Intel Atom 230 processor can handle HD video playback. If it had a more powerful processor, it'd be perfect--it even having WinXp--but...

    ...Any ideas?


    Any netbook / atom PC with an Ion chipset is fine for HD media playback. This one is a really good deal, just add Windows:…-94

    Or with Windows 7:…706

    Or you could buy this Netbook and connect to a proper monitor / keyboard but have portability when required:…dow

    Original Poster

    Since space isn't an issue for me, and putting something as small as the Acer on the back of a TV isn't something I'm looking for, would this be a poor deal, in comparison to the Acer with Win7?…spx

    What's putting me off the Acer is the fact that, if I ever did want to try my hand at gaming, I wouldn't be able to add a graphic card/upgrade it at all. (I'm assuming the in-built card isn't great?) Most people interested in the Acer units appear to be those who already own desktops and are just looking for something extra.

    ...Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions here. Honestly, I know sod all about buying computers--me having used my current PC for as long as I've been on the net. I still have the same modem I had from back them, too!

    I think the Acer desktop has little more going for it than the Ion to be honest, for general use the dual 2.5 will be slightly faster than the dual 1.6, for occasional gaming the Ion is actually capable of playing far more out the box, my Ion laptop happily runs COD4 on low settings for example. Also you specifically mentioned HD video files, the Acer will struggle with 1080P as it does not have any help from the GPU, it also doesn't have a HDMI connection. Pricewise the Ion can be bought from Scan with Vista Home Premium for £214:…VHP

    What you are missing though is that the Acer could probably run a basic GPU and be a much better machine. Though personally I would spend a little more and buy this Dell:…-du

    If you don't need HDMI, the best value half decent GPU around at the moment is this:…055
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