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Found 9th May 2018
What's the best method to remove nicotine and tar from doors so that I can repaint them?
I've stopped smoking in the house and have just realized the disgusting residue that my fags have made.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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I had to clean my grandads place of nicotine when he carked it and it was rank.

My tip:
When cleaning your ceiling and using a steam wallpaper stripper, wear a hat and mask or old scarf, hot, stale Nicotine juice dripping into you face aint pleasant.
Sugar soap cleans just about everything. And cheap as chips
I used to think it was cooking and smoking that turned the ceiling / doors yellow...... it wasn't it was the smoking. Anyway, what I always used was approx 60% domestos, 40% water....... yellow ceilings changed instantly from yellow to white. I stopped approx 7 yrs ago and all the whites, including the kitchen are still white.
I use Viro-sol although for diy use just use kitchen cleaners to get the worst off then the sugar soap.. It not sugar and not soap! It's a chemical cleaner that will remove soap and contamination so paint sticks well,although it's not a vary strong cleaner I find.
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After cleaning with Sugar soap use Zinsser BIN primer to over paint - this will act as a stain blocker and stop any residual nicotime coming through any new paint.
Thanks for all your advice.
shadey1220 h, 27 m ago

Congratulations on giving up.

He never said he's given up!
moob46 m ago

He never said he's given up!

My bad, I should have carried on reading the 'in the house' oh well, after washing a few walls op may give up completely.
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