Need to print off a form, only problem is i have no printer !

    Can any1 help? maybe there is a service on the net where i can get them to print off a form and send it to me?

    Thanks in advance.


    lol just go to a cyber cafe 5p per sheet sorted!

    Original Poster

    Prob is i have none near me!

    the library?

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    I have a local tesco/garage and a post office.

    Your avatar is disturbing.......


    I'll do it for ya if ya want...

    Jay you must know someone with one?

    Laserjet here on LAN, let any housemate print what they want so long as they ask in return for useful favours


    Your avatar is disturbing.......

    Whats wrong with it the bear just had his ready break and is rubbing his tummy in delight! :whistling:
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