Need to put 2 pin plug back into 3 pin casing - help!

    I was moving my stereo and the plug wouldn't fit in the box so I was going to take it off. When I opened it I discovered the 3 pin plug was just a casing and inside was a 2 pin plug clipped into 2 little clips. So it was really easy BUT now I want to put it back together...does it matter which pin goes in which clip? On the 2 pin plug there is an N and a D and on the 3 pin there is an N and a L so I am guessing that the N goes in the N? Would like some re-assurance as I would hate to blow it up!


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    blue left, brown right yellow/green top

    The 2 pin thing is all enclosed so I can't see any colours - colours I understand....N and D I don't!

    Either way is ok. Live dangerously...

    hence the reason for the edit* as i was adding more info

    If it looked like a normal 3pin plug until you took it apart and it was a 2pin plug inside like a shaver plug. All you need is a euro plug adapter.

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    If it looked like a normal 3pin plug until you took it apart and it was a … If it looked like a normal 3pin plug until you took it apart and it was a 2pin plug inside like a shaver plug. All you need is a euro plug adapter.

    I still have the 3 pin casing so would like to re=use it but I just need to know if it matters which pin goes into which clip.

    N to left would be how I would plug in as in Neutral [ L] being live or [D] this being direct (and live on the right) but then I am not an electrician

    Get someone you don't like to try and plug it in .

    What you have is a euro plug inside a uk adapter. Lots of electronics with this at the moment. Saves the manufacturer money. When I go abroad I just pop my laptop plug out and use it straight in the French sockets.…ets

    This two-prong plug is popularly known as the ][COLOR=#002bb8]Europlug[/COLOR]. The plug is ungrounded and has two round 4 mm (0.157 in) pins, which usually converge slightly towards their free ends. It is described in CEE 7/16][SIZE=2][COLOR=#002bb8][14][/COLOR][/SIZE] and is also defined in ][COLOR=#002bb8]Italian[/COLOR] standard CEI 23-5 and ][COLOR=#002bb8]Russian[/COLOR] standard ][COLOR=#002bb8]GOST 7396[/COLOR]. This plug is intended for use with devices that require 2.5 amps or less. Because it is unpolarised, it can be inserted in either direction into the socket, so live and neutral are connected at random.

    Browns live and blue is nuteral, although if you have a foreign plug then i dont know.

    If the stereo carries the CE logo then it doesn't matter if live and neutral are reversed.

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    Thanks a lot for the full info Plum, very interesting - I wonder if my laptop has the same thing...and for the shorter but also useful post by nick1austin. I will now go and give it a go!

    For all the years I've lived on mainland Europe, using 2 pin plugs, it's never made a difference which way round the wires go (although I was worried the first time I plugged something in!).

    When re-wiring to a 3-pin plug the wires can also go any way round. For all the 2-pin plugs that I've rewired in to 3-pin plugs I've managed to avoid electrocution:-D

    if something is ac then it doesn't really matter does it??

    It will make no difference whatsoever, in Spain a 2 pin plug will fit in either way around, it really doesn't matter.

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    Many thanks to all who replied - my stereo is now plugged in and working :thumbsup:

    it happened to my teac speakers but it said ac on the back and its fine
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