Need to record a 1 hour school play is 16GB enough

    I need to record a one hour school play and am using a bridge camera and a sd card with 16GB, is this enough or will i need more capacity.


    you have to check video recording resolution settings and will show you on the screen how long you can record in mins and sec. I bet 720 x 480 should be ok but that depends what camera you've got.

    it should be fine, some cameras have a limit of how much you can record at the time tho... standard hd you might get 2.30hr / 3.30hr record time. full hd maybe around 1.30hr. I'm not that technical gifted tho, someone probably have a better answer than me lol

    I'm sure that would get you 4+ hours at HD 1080p quality.


    the camera manual usually says how long you can record on a card of a given size
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