Need to record violent neighbour, would like recommendations on an in car camera.

Found 14th Mar
Could someone recommend an in car camera/cctv system? I have a neighbour and his scumbag friends causing trouble. It would need to have night vision, motion detect and not drain my car battery in the morning. There’s so many to choose from, if someone could give a recommendation that would be fab!
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Dashcam continually overwrites images on your memory card, so unless the incident had happened recently its going to be overwritten. The time between overwriting depends on size of card and resolution of images. Not likely to be of any use. Sorry.
Edit.. Don't think you can get night vision that's works through glass.. You with need to buy an Infrared Illuminator and fit somewhere outside car so camera inside car will work.. Although you can't see the light with your eyes, it would bounce off the car glass if fitted inside car so won't work. Maybe stick a go pro inside car with light somewhere outside so camera will work.
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And unless you record in full hd you want be able to recognise his face
If you put dash cam inside the car at night it may get stolen. I use a camera facing my car though the window but at night its all blury.
What is the purpose of this exercise? Remember that if you want to sell your house before they move, you will have to answer the question about disputes with neighbours to say there is a problem.
Would a camera in/outside the house be better? Guess in car camera can just be broken into and stolen
I would mount some shaped cctv on the soffits of the house using a night vision
Version. Do remember though that they will see the cameras and just wear hoodies and even if they have the same clothes as in the film that generally won’t be enough evidence for anyone to do anything.
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Cheers guys for the responses, I cant really mount a camera from outside my property as trees and foliage blocks where I need to see. For the moment I need not worry, he got arrested!! He will be out soon no doubt but hopefully it will put an end to his crap as he used to be an alright person.
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