Need to replace my laptop for uni.. but with what?

Hey everyone,

I bought a Dell Studio XPS laptop before starting at uni, but due to big overheating issues I've been offered a full refund by Dell, and now I need to make a new purchase...

I was hoping for some recommendations on an alternative laptop/desktop, preferably from Currys (because my parents have a voucher of around £600 for there so it'd be better to keep the cash). I'm going to be getting an iPad soon and once I do I don't think I'd actually be moving my laptop around from my desk very much, so unless there are any other advantages to having a laptop, I think it'd be best to go for a desktop set up.

I'm not a gamer or anything, I just want to use it for normal basic tasks and watching HD movies too, but I would like it to run smoothly even when running multiple tasks etc. Other than that I don't think I have any needs.

I'd really appreciate any advice that you could give me!



How much refund did you receive?

Getting an iPad? In my experience of iPads, I would get a Macbook, but that's just my opinion!!

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I finished uni last year. I bought a netbook TOSHIBA TB200 or sumthin with 9 hrs battery life. Although it has no disc drive, you can buy one to attach to the netbook, I thought it was brilliant and you can take to lessons. This also helps as we had time to get with our assignments and type up later. However having the netbook, you can get on with your assignments straight away and you can get internet on the go on campus. Another advantage I found was that as I travelled to uni everyday, its lightweight rather than folders, books and wotever else you need.
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