need to sell a mobile, best cashback sites?

    Looking for a few "good" mobile recycling cash back sites, thanks. Or any good or bad experiences. Thanks.


    why not sell on here or ebay surely you get more money?

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    why not sell on here or ebay surely you get more money?

    its erm, not entirely working all the time. :-)

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    but look around

    good site, thanks.

    i sold a half working iphone 3gs to mazuma. paid within 24 hours by bank transfer. used them again for a battered nokia e71 and also got paid next day. not tried any other sites and trust mazuma so only used them.

    My advice would be to go with somewhere reputable even if they pay less than a less-known competitor. Dodgy sites receive your phone, make up that it has damage and lower your offer - which you are forced to accept as they charge an "admin fee" to return your phone. There's plenty of sites which practise such things..

    I've used Fonebank twice and haven't had any trouble.

    fonebank also give £3 cashback through Topcashback if your a new seller.


    I got rid of a phone via Mazuma, and it was far quicker and easier than I imagined. Would not hesitate in reccomending them!

    another recommendation for fonebank here. used them a few times with no problems.

    what do these companies do with the mobiles?

    Used fonebank and and both have been fine and really quick to send payment.
    I usually check on which is a site run by mse.
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