Need to sell my PC, advice needed...

    I need to sell my pc and need some advice as to whether I should sell this complete or sell everything seperatly.

    Currently has:

    Asus A8N32 Motherboard
    2GB Crucial Ram
    4600 Dual Core processor
    7600GT graphics card
    Thermaltake psu
    2 x 250GB hard drives
    2 x dvd writer (16x i think)
    decent case
    22" fujitsu screen

    all the stuff has original boxes so I can easily sell it all seperatly, but would it be best as a bundle ?

    what price would I be looking at roughly ?


    Ive been trying to sell my mobo + CPU + RAM + Fans and heatsinks on ebay and on here and nobody is biting.

    My advice to you is that if you have a pre-built machine (something branded) keep it together and sell it.

    Otherwise sell it individually because you were generate more interest and make more money on it.

    Hope that helps :-)

    Depends on condition. If near perfect and with legal copy of Windows you might get £350. Probably a fair bit less if you sell it as parts.
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