Need to send a 2KG (Anki cozmo) parcel to USA/Amazon

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The Cozmo I bought from as an Xmas gift has gone faulty (his lift no longer works, seems a common issue). Amazon have told me to return it by "any economical carrier to return the item and send us the screen shot of the return shipping fee to, we will help you with the refund of the shipping charge".

Anyone know the cheapest method to post a 2KG parcel approx 30cm x20 x 15 (probably smaller). DPD seem the cheapest I can see @ 24 quid. Can this be beat?
I need £150 worth of protection. Also have the issue of the toy containing a lithium ion battery.

Thought there'd be a parcel comparison site but not found one.


Can't fault Amazon on this matter, new one delivered between Thursday and Monday (this week) and offering to "help" with return shipping.

Anki on the other hand. Absolute no help, as I was requesting assistance for a US Cozmo in the UK I had to contact the original vendor.
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Anyone? No one will seem to carry it due to it having a battery.
£24 sounds like a good price. Have you tried sites like Interparcel and Parcel2Go?
@OrangePotato thanks and I'm happy to pay that. Just a lot of the companies I've looked at won't carry the battery.
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Anyone? No one will seem to carry it due to it having a battery.

I didn't think that was an issue if the battery was contained within the unit it is supplied with, there should only be an issue if its the battery on its own?

Be careful with their 'cover' for lost goods, most courier companies have an excess and can be anything upto £80 I've found in the past.
Wow - just wow. Emailed them regarding my predicament with carriage.

@paulj48 I thought that. But when I looked at carriage exclusions must couriers listed batteries as a no no. Used the live chat to confirm this with several. It's worked in my favour TBH.
had this with a ravpower pack to send back in the uk
amazon had no courier to collect this i live in the middle of nowhere small village called London
they wanted me to arrange the return
after 3 chats finally got through to a supervisor who said i did not need to return the item
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