Need to transfer data from my Xbox 20GB HD to my 60GB pronto

    I had my new Xbox 360 delivered from Play on Friday and sold my old noisy non HDMI Xbox 360 on Ebay last night (which sold at pretty much the same price I paid for the new one).

    I need to transfer all the data from the 20GB hd to my new 60GB asap. I've just phoned Xbox and ordered a transfer kit for free, but was told it can take up to 10 business days for delivery.

    I really don't fancy starting games like GTA and Virtua Tennis from scratch.

    What can I do?


    Use a 360 Memory Card and do it all bit by bit.

    Original Poster


    Use a 360 Memory Card and do it all bit by bit.

    Unfortunately don't have one.

    buy one, they are around 5quid for one and then sell it once you have used it
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