Need to Un-Root dead HTC Desire

    Tried XDA with no help so far

    Anyway, I have a hell of a sticky situation. My HTC Desire charger port has broken so I cant charge it, meaning it's dead and need to send it away asap because it has a week or so of warranty left. The problem is- it's rooted. I don't have a clue what it's rooted with as it's a second hand phone and I'm not zavvy on rooting at all so I'm completely stuck! Can anyone please help me?


    get someone else to charge the battery for you or buy a seperate charger for the battery

    i take it you mean it's dead as in the battery is flat?

    anyway, if the battery has life or you get it charged…re/

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    Can you get external battery chargers? 0_0

    Edit: Yeah the battery's completely flat and there's no way of plugging anything in to get it charged because the whole ports mangled
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    Ebay number 140516191256

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    Link doesn't work, and I've replaced the stars

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    Ahhhh brilliant thanks
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