Need to vent - stressed out!

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Found 17th Apr 2009
I have a bad cold, feel awful and I am trying to revise for my finals - barely started and my exams are in 3 weeks time! I dont know what I am going to do! I been predicted good grades and done well in courseworks, but there so much to do and so little time. I dont think I will do it in time (not started revision any earlier as I am a single mum and my daughter on easter holidays and I dont have any childcare!). Any words of encouragement?! Anyone else studying for their finals? Im doing law



just try not to stress about it, stressing will make you lose what you already know, theres only so many hours in a day, good luck xx

Don't stress out, just do as much revision as you can - if you'd started any earlier you would have probably forgotten it by now anyway!

And get off here!!

And good luck

not doing finals but must admit ive struggled to study this holidays too. You'll get there hun although this site dont help at times, far to tempting to be on here instead :-D

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Thanks everyone! I will defintely be taking a break from this site...starting revision properly on monday (daughter back at school and cold should have gone by then I hope!). I lack motivation!

Yeah, just relax and take everything a little at a time. Whenever I'm ill I also make this juice, it's really high in vitamin C and will give you more energy (somehow!!): Juice 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit, 1 lemon and 1 lime and add some drops of echineacha. It's slightly bitter, but not too bad Feel better!

Are there no grand parents or close friends that could help you ouy at all by giving you a few hours to revise?

I'm so sorry sweetie.

I think we're all struggling lately.

I just had to get a six months extension for my continuing studies.

All I can say is.. pace yourself as well as you can do baby x x x

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Thanks so much! You all making me feel better! I have grandparents nearby, but like starsparkle my parents are young (forties) and they work.

Good luck with the Finals dude :thumbsup:

when i was studing for my exams i had 3 kids round my feet i used sticky notes dotted round house even in the loo, round the bath and hanging off cupboards with important facts that i needed to remember i know it sounds strange but at least i could revise at times like cooking dinner, bath time and even when i needed the loo but try not to stress and good luck with your exams x

I heard the other day the best way to remember is to do a 10 minute recap after every break. I know its not to much help just now but fingers crossed for you once the little one goes back to school.
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