Need two door pillar trims for my car, is it worth going to a scrapyard?

Posted 9th Dec 2022
Has anyone gone to a scrapyard for parts for your car? I need two pillar trims, I've been informed that you can go to a scrapyard, but I want to know others experience before I phone/go to my local one. Found some on fleabay, but is it cheaper at a scrapyard? Cheers.
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    Scrap yards don't bite Some are well refined breakers yards, and others like an adults playground. Either way you have nothing to loose.
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    my first port of call is the scrapyard, rarely fails, and sometimes it will be free, sometimes you throw them a couple of quid
    Cheers @Mendoza, could do with a new rear Ford badge too (water damage) so well worth a look, thanks again
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    I love it when they allow you to roam about and get parts yourself

    And remember you can always haggle them at the end as they usually cant be bothered wasting time haggling and just accept
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    Last time I rang a few scrappies for a rear light clusters for my sister Inlaws Astra it was actually cheaper to get one from the main dealer, which is exactly what I did in the end.
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    Also worth looking on Gumtree and Facebook if someone nearby has a car that is being broken for spares.
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    Scrap yards are a grt source and not too bad priced
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    I've been ringing round scrappies for car hand book for my dad, no joy 😔 looks like an Ebay job at 4 x the price!
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    Depends on the scrapyard. My local 1 was taken over and now the cheapest price for anything is £75 so not worth it
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    tbh, I find them expensive these days. check main dealer for prices then look at people breaking a car local to you.
    Last time I looked, the scrappy was wanting more than I could find on ebay with delivery included and I didn't have to climb up a pile of cars to get it.
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    In the past yeah they were cheaper, now find it quicker cheaper easier to use eBay
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