Need UK long term car hire or short term lease following my car write off

    Anyone got any good ideas or links for how I can best fill a gap where by I have no car.

    My car was written off last week - other party are taking full resposnsibilty (I was at work and my car parked up so not much to argue).

    However as my settlement has now been issued I only have my courtesy car for a further 8 days and that expires this Saturday - having searched all weekend I cannot find a decent replacement car and doubt I will now before Saturday,

    Options are to buy a "cheap" run around to fill the gap but this is met with its own problems - i.e. selling on again to get the money back and this will then take away from the fund I have to replace (which arent all that much).

    Hire a car on a flexibale time frame i.e. 1-2 weeks with an extension - problem with this is it seems so expensive.

    someone has suggested a short term contract hire but the few places i've looked at seem really expensive

    I suppose there is also the option of a long term lease/purchase agreement

    So myquestion is - does anyone have any fantastic UK Hot deals offers or ideas for me?


    have you tried enterprise

    You should be able to get a lease car for as long as needed (within reason) through the other partys insurance I would have thought.

    I had the same issue a few months ago. (Not a write off thought). But I was given a car for about 4 weeks throught the other persons insurance whilst mine car was being sorted.

    If not then as above, Enterprise are pretty good. They will price match too if you push them.

    Original Poster

    If they repair then you get a lease car for as long as it takes

    Unfortunately being a write off is different though and the legal team said they can only recover reasonable costs and 8 days is the max they normally get after a settlement is issued.

    I guess part of the reason they have written it off is taking into account the cost of lease car too....

    Will take a look at Enterprise thanks!

    have a look at streetcar...supposed to be amazing.

    Original Poster

    SOunds like a good scheme but alas my nearest one is 22 miles away - would be a long walk to pick it up !
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