Need urgent help router problems

Posted 6th Oct
I have 3 brand new mass WiFi plugs and really need to use them in my loft, the only problem I have is that my virgin router always seems to reset randomly when I make 2 frequencies (2.4g and 5g) then I have to re install all my 2.4g appliances (ring pro, baby monitors, etc) its such a headache as need to use them, please can anyone advise......the 2 frequencies are not standard, they stay separate for a day or 2, then reset back to a single channel (5g)
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So your saying you are renaming the ssid for the 5ghz channel, and the router is resetting it.
If that's true, it could be a remote remote reset from virgin or the router doing some sort of self heal.
I'd suggest puting your router model into the interwebs and searching for "ssid resetting itself"
why not have 2 different SSID to test for a week and then continue with your quest?
Ditch the whole lot and get bt home WiFi or google home WiFi. Put the virgin router in modem only mode.
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