*need urgently* Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 on PS2

    I borrowed this game from the bosses son at work. I was off work last week but I left the game in my locker at work. I came in today to find that the game had disappeared :-( . Now I need a replacement copy ASAP, the boss said she's going to bring my game(Halo) that i lent to her son back tomorrow.

    I need a replacement ASAP but do not want to pay full whack for it...damm I didnt even play it, I left it in my locker because I didnt really wanna borrow it and thought if I left it in my locker I could just give it back whenever the bosses son was finished with my game.



    ill sell u it is it the 2007 version?????

    Original Poster

    yeah, its the 2007 version. PM me to let me know How much you're looking for ? and what area you're in.
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