Need voltage convertor for Cuba / USA please (to charge DS & PSP games consoles)

I'll be going to Cuba next month and plan to take the family's DS and PSP, which I'll need to be able to charge up.
It seems that Cuba uses the same voltage and plug type as the USA, although I've seen it as 110v and 120v, not sure which is correct or if the difference matters.
One of the sites I checked then started to talk about the difference between convertors, transformers and adaptors, which started to fry my small brain ... but as far as I can tell convertors are OK for low power kit such as game consoles, whereas transformers are really for more heavy duty stuff, and adaptors may just allow a different shaped plug to be used but the voltage isn't affected.
Could anyone please advise what I need to buy to charge up the DS and PSP.
For example, is this the sort of thing?
beststuff.co.uk/mw_…htm [U beststuff.co.uk/mw_…htm
Any other sources? ... preferably cheaper!


Almost positive the DS is capable of 100 or 240 with no transformer required.

I have a US DS and it runs ok here so must be dual voltage.

Wouldn't be suprised if PSP was the same, can't see them making different voltage systems.

All you may need is a convertor for the plug.

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Thanks ... I'll check the power packs tonight.
If they're both 110v, then I'll probably go to Maplin, who have a plug adaptor for £4.49.

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The PSP has a 110v pack, but the DS just seems to have a 230v plug, so I may need a transformer?
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