Need wisdom tooth out immediately advice?

    Hi, there asking advice for my partner, she is not currently got a dentist assigned (not sure why)

    I had a look and her gum is hanging over the wisdom tooth which is growing which really does not look good and is cause her pain, we are going travelling on the 9th january for 2 months so we don't have much time and don't really want to leave it?

    tried emergency dentist yesterday took 20 minutes to get through then no appointments left at either the 2 closest, what should she do?


    I'd recommend you find a private dental clinic and pay up if you want it done quickly....I paid around £145 for upper wisdom tooth extraction

    go to hospital or try dentist further away?

    Check to see if there is a dental hospital nearby. Otherwise just ring a dentist. They are supposed to cater for NHS emergency appointments.

    maybe try ringing a nearby dentist and explaining situation they may take her in and that way she can be registered at the same time too.

    also try to ring nhs direct.

    in the mean time try corsodyl mouthwash to keep things clean and tell her to take painkillers for the pain.
    there are also tooth gels that have clove oil which is good for tooth pain.

    If you want it done on the NHS unfortunately you'll be waiting a long time and need a referral for a dentist (I waited YEARS). Best to find a decent private practise and pay for it. Good luck hope it doesn't spoil your holiday / travels.

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    Thanks for all the comments guys really appreciate it, would be a nightmare for it to start causing agony in another part of the world

    Save money and DIY.

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    Save money and DIY.

    you know how much good wrenches cost?

    I had similar problem few months back and went to the dental hospital in Birmingham first thing 8am and sat and waited I was there till 1pm but they took x rays and removed the tooth so was worth the wait ....

    It's cheaper to tie to string with face close to door knob - will also get you to front of A&E queue if method fails and door slams in face

    If it is simply coming through believe me it hurts! It does settle again when it's through.

    ring NHS direct nw....u b seen quicker cost to take out with xray few years ago was 45 pounds

    Not all dentists will pull them. I know of one in Stroud that will as he is also a NHS dental surgeon. Trouble is getting in to see these types of dentist. Ask about and get on phone but you may need a little luck to

    No point going to A&E they wont touch you. You will need to find a dentist - I work in the NHS and to save you wasting time - do not attend the emergency dept, they will turn you away.

    You can call NHS111 - they will provide you with an emergency dental appointment in your area.

    Go private if ur under time pressure. She will also need a few days out - up to 7 as it can be really difficult to eat. I got two out in april and couldnt eat solid food for about a week. Also are you sure she needs it out? It could just be badly infected and need anti biotics.


    You can call NHS111 - they will provide you with an emergency dental … You can call NHS111 - they will provide you with an emergency dental appointment in your area.

    This is the correct answer...I've been there...

    Not much you can do I'm afraid. A tooth will only be extracted if it's rotten and beyond saving under NICE. Also they need to xray the tooth and jaw to see if the ian nerve is close to the tooth, damage to this nerve will numb their chin or cause pain. I had an impact and the hospital removed the crown of the tooth and ground the remaining part under my jawline and stitched back into my gum. coronectomy.

    Hopefully it's not impacted and only needs filing.
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