HI there,
    It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me.
    I got an xbox 360 for crimbo. Went to GAME and bought an HDMI cable, used it fine for a while and no all of a sudden the sound has cut off, the picture is still great but there is NO sound whatsoever, and was wondering if it was soemthing to do with the settings on my xbox 360 but can't work out any changes that help my cause. Surely the cable cant be broken because the picture is still great, and it's not the TV or xbox because i switched to the HD/SD cable that was provided with the xbox 360 pro package. I would love some help off of someone, because this has been bugging me for near on a month now. PLEEEEASSE


    probs ur tv

    well if your sound is working fine for everything else, its either gonna be the hdmi port in the tv hdmi port in the 360 or the cable.

    have you got any other hdmi devices you could try with the same cable? or a second hdmi port? if neither of these then i would suggest trying a new cable. or you could borrow one from a mate to try (if possible)

    Isn't there a setting, I had the same problem when I 1st connected my Xbox with HDMI was either a setting in the TV or the Xbox
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