Need Xbox 360 Live points??? Any deals atm or anyone got any for sale??

    Hi my boyfriend needs some xbox live points.
    I know about the tesco deal but he wants then ASAP so dont really want to wait.
    I remember someone saying about a website you bought them from and they emailed you the code??? Anyone know where?
    Also has anyone got any for sale??
    Let me know ASAP please?


    Tesco deal is pretty quick btw - mine came within a couple of days.

    i think ur referring to ebay, u can buy them there and pretty much get the code within the hour!:thumbsup:

    for quickness cant u buy them from microsoft via ur 360

    a guy on here had em

    Original Poster

    yes i could buy them off there but just wanted to check there wasnt any cheaper way. If i dont get any in next few hours i will have to. Do you know what post that was? Thanks,.
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