Need XP laptop

    Ok, my other laptop died on me last night first the touchpad then it just wouldn't turn on at all so im after another one, I know theres quite a few laptop threads but this is what the site's here for. Im trying to budget at the moment as I spend too much so my limit is £270 and now what I need on the laptop...

    Needs to be XP as I can't stand Vista
    dvd/cdrw (dual layered prefered)
    Minimum off 2gb ram unless its upgradable to 2gb
    Hard disk space is not important unless it doesn't use IDE as my 250GB one will be going into it.
    Needs to have a recovery disk.
    Not bothered if it's second hand or refurbished as long as it's in good condition.
    14" screen minimum

    Thankyou if you can help cheers.


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    Managed to pick up an Acer laptop which has everything on my list for £170!

    well nod good 4 you .anychance as to where you got it frm then?.

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    The bay of E,bought my last one from there and had it over a year without any problems.
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