Need your Help!!

    Hi All

    I am desperate for your help.
    I am in need of a DVD shelf, but i need it to fit into the top room of my 3 story house therefore there is only one place i can fit it in to. This means it needs to be one that will most probably fit round a corner to fit in all my DVDs. I need it to be able to accomodate about 1000 DVDs.
    I have done various searches and i dont know if i am looking for the wrong thing but i cant find anything anywhere near what i need.

    Your help would be greatly appreaciated.



    Do you have a budget?

    Original Poster

    If someone can find me something them i am open minded about the budget at the moment

    Does is have to be a shelf? Have you thought about a media unit?

    There are ]these from Argos @ £29.99 each and they hold 200 dvds each so you'd need 5... Just under £150... But you could make them go round the corner as you mentioned in your first post...

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    Its a good idea but i wouldnt be able to fit them in my corner. Its just a small corner in the middle of the room because the 4 normal corners have slanted ceilings.

    I'm not sure what you can do then if you want shelving because anything that's going to be able to store 1000 dvds is going to be about the same size...

    Sorry I couldn't be more help

    Original Poster

    Not neccesarily shelves if you know what i mean, something like a storage case but so you can see the titles.
    Am i making sense?

    Like a bookcase?

    Does it need to be wall mounted or can it be floorstanding?

    Original Poster

    Yeah that sort of thing, either way is fine
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