Needed Asda email address or fax number up to date

Found 13th Oct 2009
Can anyone Help been on the Asda web site cant find the correct email after having a great deal of trouble and ringing customer services they are of no help i need to write to customer services
the email i found asda.co.uk does not work ?
can anyone find out the email please

Many thanks christine
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nope they're absolute rubbish imo...two seperate incidents with them yesterday and i wont be using them again. Shop staff briliant ..i want the email addy too!
thanks ive had a arm ful of late deliveries problems too may even try Tescocheers again:thumbsup:

thanks ive had a arm ful of late deliveries problems too may even try … thanks ive had a arm ful of late deliveries problems too may even try Tescocheers again:thumbsup:

did an asda direct order to store-2 weeks later no item or email just a refubd...
food order yesterday 6 bottles white wine came as red:x and cs said would call store and replace right away. No show after 1 1/2 hours so called store...cut off twice once after 6 minutes listening to the naff music-eventually desperation made me go to store to replace it meself!

Nice lady on phone said someone will call me this morning with good-will gesture. Do ya think?:whistling:
Never again anyway. Rant over:)
LE17 4XH this is the address for head office
well i am sorry to hear you had so much grief me too 4 times waited for 4 days still got wrong order ordered on wed 7th oct got it 9.30 pm sunday and charged twice from bank account real bad service
Still i live in hope
I worked in retail for a few years and never found such bad service M&S are the best to deal with maybe Asda should try taking a leaf out of their books its so annoying being put through to call centers and getting a different person each time and repeating the same old rigmarole to them OMG!!! its drives me mad as i'm at work from 8-6 i thought it would be less hassle Nope i will just have to lug it home on me jack jones lol have a good day regards chris
Many thanks for taking time out regards Christine
well guess what? no call! theyre truely rubbish. I wont buy again from them online. Tesco have made mistakes before but this is stupid.
Have you tried any other grocery deliveries? i havent but will look at it after this.

I emailed them over something a few weeks ago. I think it was to ask if they take gift vouchers online, as there has been that option on the website since last year!. I got a reply, by some silly person who didnt even answer my question!. She just said no!. Why the option has been there for one year i have no idea, so dont expect a good reply :roll:
Many thanks Polly_p
i found the form through yr help so now have emailed them at last may be lucky who know with them but a big thank you regards christine:)
oh after calling the store again-someone said they would call me back in 10mins-well i called them afte an hour and they will give me £10 refund(or an e-voucher she wasnt sure)
Not sure i want an e-voucher as i sure dont want to order again!
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