needed - quad dvd case (large spine) x 1 (with low shipping price)

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Found 10th Aug 2009
can any1 suggest a stockist of quad dvd cases? they hold 4 dvds in one case.

i only need 1 tho with a larger spine than a regular dvd case (not a single spine case.)

any color although black or white case prefered. no ebayers.

thanks in advance. rep for those who help.


ebay item 350237113094 :thumbsup:

If you dont mind overlapping cases, lots of place like ]SVP have 6 disc cases with a 22mm spine where you can remove the central leaf to convert it into a 4 disc case.


You will have to check which site has the cheapest P&P (it won't be SVP for sure)

Original Poster

cheers but i'm no longer an ebayer. thanks tho

thanks barneydog. will check it out. rep to y'all.

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