Needing an eye test for contact lenses

Hi all,

Am in need of an eye test to order some contact lenses online. I have never had contact lenses before so am not sure how "special" the eye test is. Anyway, Im after a good high-street optical shop offering eye tests for a good rate. Can anyone help ?



contact lens eye tests are mostly just to ascertain what sort of dimensions your eyes are as the two leading brands are slightly different sizes. focus daillies are the most popular and after quidco cashback 'contacts for lenses' seem the best value contacts site on the web....for this particular brand anyway.
many opticians do free trials to get you going and i would definately recommend choosing one of these, then once you are armed with all the information and know contacts suit your eyes then you can shop around to your hearts content on the internet ! the big opticians dont really like people doing this but as long as you stick to a well known major brand of contact lens i dont see anything wrong with buying over the internet....unless you have a phobia of saving money...

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Edi : Thats great thanks so much. I do remember seeing this offer around before but someone said there was some catch involved, something like you HAD to buy glasses for them or something. I have read the small print on the voucher and it seems like I just go in, present the voucher and Im good for an eye test. Any thoughts ?

ryooh : Thanks for that. What are the two makor leading brands ?? Ive come across this site (Focus dallies seem to be there ) visiondirect.co.uk and have been told from a friend that these guys have good quality stuff at very reasonable prices. Also could you recommend a company to do a free trial with them ... what you said makes good sense.

Thanks guys


No cache with D&A. Walk in, do the test and walk out. They may tempt u with some more offers and there is no obligation to accept it.

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Thats awesome Edi ... thanks a lot !! Now I need to give you "Karma" but I still havent worked this system out ... :roll:

No worries Cyrus...

I am with D&A and their contact lenses by post service is pretty good, albeit a bit expensive.

With regards to an eyetest, can you not get your employers to pay for it as I am sure there might be an obligation for them to do this, if you work with screens or something else.


I am with D&A and their contact lenses by post service is pretty good, … I am with D&A and their contact lenses by post service is pretty good, albeit a bit expensive.

They give you 50% off glasses if you subscribe. You can cancel anytime, so it's a good deal if you do it near Sale time, and get cheap glasses as well:wink:

[SIZE=2]I had a free test with tescos. They also gave me a tenner off my first glasses/contacts, which gave me 6 months of monthly lenses for about £12 I think. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Beware of lenses from ebay.. I bought some from ebay, from a german retailer, and they'd only accept bank transfers. The lenses were the wrong dimensions, but I've carried on using them and they're fine (13.8 instead of 14.2 for some dimension unknown to me).[/SIZE]

how did you get you eye test company to give you a copy of the prescription? Some of them are real fussy which is only thing getting in my way just now.
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