Needing help folks beat the prices on these computer parts

    Can anyone beat these prices for these computer components?


    Board £84.99…242
    Card £107.67…941
    DVD Writer £17.99…398
    Processor £48.87…434
    Memory £37.00…853

    rep etc to be left thanks everyone


    Hi Saxo,
    those prices look pretty good, personally id use scan instead on ebuyer.. cos in my experience they are more reliable.. but thats just my opinion

    ]DVD Writer £19.09
    ]Memory £33.87
    ]Processor £47.82
    ]Graphics Card £99.57

    Scan dont have the Blackops motherboard, and searching about a lot of places have sold out, so id make sure ebuyer have it instock before placing your order :thumbsup:
    Also i read that motherboard can be fussy when it comes to memory, so if you havent already, then might be worth looking into :thumbsup:

    Good luck with your new build

    Scan are good people - just a tip, you can get free delivery with them on all orders over £20 if you register on and post a certain amount. The offer was a while back but it's still continuing I believe - still applies discount for me and even over the phone they can deduct it.

    Good luck!

    Original Poster

    thanks all
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