Found 7th Nov 2012
Hello everyone

Ive got a Neff B1422 oven in which the grill part of it is not fully working. the electric grill bars which on the outside part of the grill(on the inside) work but the bars that are in the middle dont seem to be working.

not sure if its just a loose part or does it need a replacement part ordering. Dont mind either way, just wondered if anyone has had any similar issues and can advise before I go to Neff directly.

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thanks phil. will check it out.
ellement may have blown , happens . I've changed 2 oven ellements over the years .
What's that mate and how do I go about fixing/replacing it?
sorry for the late reply ,

the element is the thing that heats the oven , normally behind some heat plates that sometimes slide out .
They can blow ..............................the element will have a break in it ..............maybe some smoke damage around the area .

Switch the cooker off at the mains , get a good torch and see if you can see any damage around the elements .
Some elements are held in place with a screw or two and attached with wire on terminals . Take note of which wire goes where before taking the element out [ I take a picture with a digi camera]. I've always changed mine myself ,I'm cheaper than getting a sparky out .................I heard of some charging a £80 call out charge .

Be carefull when working with electrical current .
sorry but just need some last minute advice before I order

I need a grill element replacement for my Neff model number B1422NOGB, my query is when i go to order, I get two options.



anyone know what the /03 and /10 is for?


morning bump.....
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