neff single oven help

    Hello. Can somone help me please

    I have a neff single oven and for some reason its started to switch itself off.. sometimes just after a fee seconds sometimes itl work for 10 mins then go off..

    Any ideas


    When you say switches itself of do you mean the heat clicks of as if it has reached its setpoint?
    Or loses power completely? fan, light and heat.
    Is it tripping breakers or RCD?

    If the first option, does increasing the thermosat have any effect on how long it stays on?

    If not the above worth checking the timer settings, ours has a number of pre sets that can all be used together, e.g. Simple alarm timer and oven off timer can both function at the same time, check they are all set to 0000

    Hi when this happens to mine I unplugged it. And re started/re set the time etc and it was fine

    Original Poster

    When it goes off its like a click noise.. the time is still on.. could it be the thermostat??
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