Neg Scanner

    looking for a good neg/slide scanner that is easy to use and not take up to much room. Have seen them on flebay from about £55-95 but need to know what the quality is like


    Got a Veho. Reasonable quality scans. Fairly easy to operate though you have to select when you think the scan is correctly exposed. Very small footprint, about 3"x3" and 6" high. Bought from here:…001

    They seem to go for nearly that second hand on Ebay which is where I'll sell mine when I've finished scanning all the old slides. May be a month or two yet. mean something like ]this. which i have to say i want.. as it looks so ace.

    The above link didnt work for me :-( so cant see.

    Not sure why link doesn't work. Try this and search for "Veho"…ch/

    The 001 is, other than cosmetically, the same as the 004, which is called the Deluxe. Just £12 cheaper. :whistling:
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