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Found 20th Oct 2017
Has something changed to the "hot/cold" scoring as over the last few weeks there seems to be alot more cold scored posts than hot?
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It's hard to say - I think some people vote on posts purely on whether they like a product or not, rather than voting on it because it's a good deal.
your vote has increased in temperature but not in chill factor, but as above probably the usual and the lack of actual users on the site at present or the perception of less users.
Might it just be the site's new and stupid design making it look like a deal is cold? By this, I mean that for some reason they put the button to vote negatively to the left of the temperature, which makes every deal look like it is in the minus degrees.

Confusing to say the least. At least it is for me.

Edited by: "RossD89" 20th Oct 2017
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