Negative/Slide Scanner advice

    I have seen a lot of scanners that do 35mm negatives but my family has some old square slides as well as APS and 126 type slides.

    Is there a scanner that does them all ( maybe with additions you buy)

    Thanks for any help


    They are like:

    to find.

    Original Poster

    But there is such a device?

    Do you know who maker is?


    Try the HP scanjet range. Ring their pre-sales team on 0845 270 4142.

    You may get one that does this but it will more than likely be one of the top of the range models, so therefore a bit pricey.

    They used to have a few models 6300, 7400 etc that had a slide adaptor. These models are quite old now but they should have newer upgraded models.
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