Negotiating a discount for NOT part exhanging your car

Webuyanycar (dot com) say that you are better off selling to them in order to negotiate a discount, as often the dealer doesn't want to buy your car.

So if my car was valued (by both webuyanycar and a dealer as a px) at £500, would I still be able to get a decent discount by not part exchanging?

Leading on from that, what are the dealers margins on say a £6k car, and how much of that (if any) is up for negotiation?


Im not sure how it works these days hun , but when i traded in my banger of an ford escort about 10 years ago they gave me £1500.00 off a £5000.00 , might be worth shopping around different dealers , most will give you around £500 to £1000, or at least trade centre wales say this

I would say it depends on the dealer and the car you are looking to buy.

Some dealers add upto £1,000 onto their normal selling price, then when you take any car (with or without MOT), they offer a £1,000 trade in for your car, people get happy and buy the car not thinking what the real price should be.

Have a look at the car, then search through a few online car sites to get an idea how much the car should be selling for (you normally have to pay a little extra when you buy from a dealer but make sure you don't pay an over the top price).

Webuyanycar make incredibly low ball offers, so i wouldnt go by what they say

m8 wouldnt go there i have a pug 407 saloon 58 model they offered 4 grand told them fu** off was gonna buy mitsu l200 but stayin with my 407 now


They offer stupidly low amounts. I wouldn't go any where near.

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They are not far off the Mark, it is a 2l diesel zafira x plate (2000) with 120000 on the clock

Thanks for all replies

Obviously (being a hukd member!) I would check value of the car in question first and (try) not to pay over that price

Saw a 58 08 focus c max 1.8 style (petrol) 17000 miles on the clock for £6,500 from a local dealer - what car have that listed as over 7k from a dealer, main problem is it's petrol though, really after a diesel. But would an offer of 6k cash be at all tempting, because it's cheap already I doubt it



They offer stupidly low amounts. I wouldn't go any where near.

Not only that, but even after the low-ball offer, when you turn up they mysteriously have a lower figure on their computer than the one you have.


Webuyanycar are rip off merchants.

Find the car you want to buy an negotiate a deal without your PX. Once your happy throw the PX on the table and see what the difference is.

Your Zafira can only be worth £500 or so anyway

A good time to buy a car and negotiate the best discounts is usually the last working day of the month. This is when they push through as many cars as they can to help meet their targets to get their bonus. They usually also have to write down the cost of the car the following month in line with depreciation.

If you sell your car privately (Gumtree etc) you should be able to get more than what the dealer has offered you.

It depends on the dealer. A big main dealer is used to dealing with a lot of stock and offers a price which he knows he will either make a profit on or just put through auction with the rest and get his £500 back - so no real deals.

Also big dealers don't necessarily want cash. They would rather you buy on finance with then so they get a good commission.
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