Neighbour at the door complaining that my dog was chasing a guy on a motorbike !!

My dog doesnt even have a motorbike....

seen it posted on another forum cracked me up



Hahaha...this is funny. Immature, but thats what I like.

haven't heard that since school! :-D


1982 rang and asked for it's joke back


This made me laugh out loud! That and the image in my head of a dog on a motor bike....ahhh after midnight is the best time 2 be imature.....

Why did the bakers hands smell? Because he kneaded a poo!

lol how old still made me giggle

this was as funny as the time an ex told me she had an sti and i shud go get checked out also!

joke, thought it was good!



1982 rang and asked for it's joke backBST

ha ha!
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