Neighbour putting their rubbish outside my house!

Posted 3rd Sep 2020
My neighbour has done this a few times now and is really ***** me off!

Basically we all leave our rubbish just out past the wall at the end of our drive, our neighbours do the same. More recently I have noticed them putting some of the rubbish that they put out will not be taken by the bin men. Like they put household waste in recycling bags and our council, like most, are really hot on everything being in the right bag etc.

Again today one bag they left out was left there, as it wasnt bagged properly. I then saw my neighbour looking around as she to kicked the bag along outside out house!(like she thought it looked subtle!)

I know it sounds a small thing but for some reason l am furious! I havent done anything about it yet and dont want to fall out with my neighbours .

Should l just go and put it back outside her house? Sorry to sounds nuts lol.
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